Northern Heritage is pleased to share the philanthropic activity of Fathia Musah, a proud Dagbon lady who decided to spend her birthday with children in a foundation.

Fathia Musah is a socialite, independent businesswoman, philanthropist and a key member of Sweet Billions – a popular only female group in Ashaiman.

With the help and support of my best friends, we decided to spend my birthday with the children at New Life Foundation, to play and party with them, advise them and to provide the elder sister love. 

It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. My friends and I were very pleased with the decision and we will encourage other people to also try and dedicate their special moments to putting smiles and happiness on the faces of children.

I could go there anytime or day to donate either money or valuable items, but I chose to put smiles on the faces of these children on my birthday – a day I highly cherish, a day I was also brought into this world, no matter what is happening around me, that particular day is so special to me the same way these children are special to Allah. As Africans will say, Children are the reward of life. 

As said by our forefathers; we love to bequeath two things to our children: the first is roots, the other one is wings. This proverb has been my motivator for a very long time, I always kept it for two reasons, which are because I was impacted positively with societal and religious morality by my lovely parents, the other is I wish to impact this values on the lives of others.

The right group of people I could afford to put smiles on their faces at least for a while are those who are less privileged and depends on the generosity of society to survive. That was the reason I chose New Life Foundation to spend this year’s birthday with them.

Enjoy some videos at the centre..!!


Northern Heritage thanks Fathia and her friends for showing their good northern values!!

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Ujakaudo David2020-12-11 15:39:25

Thank you for sacrificing your precious time, devoid of ethnicity making it possible to bring to the populace one of the hidden truths about Konkombas. I really appreciate your effort thank you.

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