Northern Heritage is highly pleased to bring to you an insightful and thrilling encounter from our My Northern Experience session as we engage Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza, a royal from the Nayiri (Mamprugu Royal Palace). He is also a promoter of festivals in the kingdom and is handling very vibrant social media platforms to promote the activities of Mamprugu.  

Our guest will be taking us through a ride of his northern experiences and his perception on Northern Ghana.

The moderator to engage with the guest tonight is Shamuddeen.

Shamuddeen: Without much ado let's welcome Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza. Can you please tell us about yourself?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: Happy to be with you. My name is Yahuza Adam, I was born in Nalerigu but grew up at Tema (Greater Accra region). My Father was Gbandaa Yahaya and my Mother is known as Salifu Anatu. I am from a great family of Mamprugu, being the Naa Sheriga Family, which is currently known as the Naa Bohagu Family.

Shamuddeen: Can you please take us through your life journey, where you grew up, places you have visited and some exciting memories?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza:  As earlier said I was born in Nalerigu and grew up in Tema. I attended Twedaase Primary School in Tema. I started my Junior High at Akodzo JSS for the 1st year and was sent to the north in 2001 to continue my JSS at Naa Bongu JSS, and attended Naleigu secondary School (NASS).

After NASS, I was with UNICEF IT training team and that made me an IT person and also learnt Satelite Installation at Good Shepherd Training school. I thought as a class room Teacher and Headmaster for 8 years while working with the Mamprugu Traditional council as well.

I have visited places like, Kwame Nkrumah Museum, Akosombo Dam, Kumasi Zoo, Accra Zoo, Kintampo Water Falls, Adaa Songo Salts, Adome Bridge, Mountain Afa Gyato, Paga crocodile Pond, Pikoro slave camp, Nakpanduri Escarpment, Gambaga Witches Camp, Naa Jaringa wall. And expecting to visit the rest of the northern tourist sites this year.

Shamuddeen: For a brief answer, what are some of the exciting memories growing up?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: Very sad and happy one as well. I grew up without a father, lost him at a tender age. But I grew up with a step dad who so loved and cared for me. Having the opportunities of knowing most parts of Accra and on weekends I used to take visitors from the north to tour around the Capital city.

Shamuddeen: How will you describe your experiences of the north?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: My fondest memory in the north are as follow, the very day I came back home, my people couldn't make me up so when they were told who I was they started crying. My first day was called by the chief drummer to dance at Nayiri forecourt, I was missing my steps. When I first arrived to school at the north my understanding of the local language was a different thing. In the north also, advises are given free of charge and given out from the heart.

Shamuddeen: I hope now you have regained your skills. Which tourist sites or famous places in northern Ghana have you ever visited?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: Yes indeed I have now learnt how to dance. I have visited places such as the Pikoro Slave Camp, Gambaga Witches Camp, The Tongo Hills, Paga Crocodile Pond, Mganafio, Nakpanduri Escarpment, Bunkpurugu African Map Stone.

Shamuddeen: That's an exciting journey. Can you give us a brief history of one of those places?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: The Pikoro Slave Camp is found at the village at Paga. During the era of slavery, it was a rest point and where some final transportation were done around the Upper East of Ghana.

At Pikoro you will find the graves of the slaves and on the rocks how they chopped the rock to be used as eating plates and also one of the rock which has good sound for their music, it served as a drum for them.

Shamuddeen: We will like to know which northern festivals have you experienced or celebrated?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: Thank you I had experienced and celebrated the following festivals, Bugum Festival (Fire Festival), Damma Festival and have been part of the planning committee several times. Kpini, which I have not celebrated but have realized Guinea fowls are most shared to in-laws to mark the 1st day of the festival.

Shamuddeen: What's your perception of northern culture, traditions and unique way of life?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: My perceptions of northern culture is about the originality of the cultures, none of our cultures are artificial. All we do in the north has its historic meaning and tells us where we came from and how we are now. The drummers and singers don’t add any outside history to our appellations. Also the north has the trusted believes that make us not to engage in acts considered as taboos e.g. Brothers don't have sexual affair with one lady. Married women don't flirt with other men etc.

Shamuddeen: What is your fondest memory of the north?  

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: My fondest memory in the north are as follow: The early morning funeral performance dance, known as Tohuwaa, how they participate in weeding on farms with songs and energy out of heart, how the northern people take their market days seriously. In the north elders are fond of advising out of heart.

Shamuddeen: Can you please tell us something peculiar to your lifestyle that was as a result of the northern experience?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: I have always been happy I was sent to the north, I say this because the north has made me an exceptional person. This is what I mean; I achieved good character, being tolerance, being Respectful, being truthful, generous and many other good qualities.

Shamuddeen: In a brief statement is there something you want to tell us relating to the north? Something you will be glad to share with members which we have not asked?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: Yes please northern Ghana would have been one of the best place to survive due the lands we have for farming but, due to our inability to have much money, the farming is not done properly to have good yield and if we had had learnt joint ways of doing businesses I bet you we would have been on top of this country.

Again if our families had earlier invested into education we wouldn't have been where we are now but Insha Allah I appreciate our current youth and how we go about doing things. We northerners have passions for our land no matter how bad our home towns or homes are, we still come home to celebrate all festivals known to us and visit the families as well.

Questions from members

Shamuddeen: Can you please ask our guest to tell us something interesting about the Mamprugu Kingdom?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: The Mamprugu Kingdom is built on Pride and makes them not interfering in issues that does not concern them. It is also a kingdom that the elderly are seen first before anyone. The youth cannot come out on their own to protest or against anything without the authorization from the elders.

Shamuddeen: Interesting. How is it like growing up in a palace especially in the Nayiri?

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: It is not easy living in a palace. We have time we go out and come back. The palace is a place where tradition is seriously practiced and you can't disobey any call from elders. Beside you choose to grow to be good or bad because we are not insulted nor beaten. We have serious guidance from our grandmothers.

Shamuddeen: Thanks for the information. Time is far gone. And before we draw the curtains, do you have any final words for us.

Mr. Gbandaa Adam Yahuza: I will use this opportunity to thank the members and the moderator for the kind time. And will be expecting more from you in future because I will always be there for you.

Thank you too. This was an eye opening adventure. And educative.

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