Northern Heritage is highly pleased to bring to you an insightful and thrilling encounter from our My Northern Experience session as we engage Mr. Bernard Bisuman M Alhassan, who is a peace advocator, purportigng to bring tranquillity to northern Ghana in order to bridge the serenity gap between the North and the South. Also to showcase the tourist centres in the North.

With the help of one of our moderators Bapube Abdul-Gaffar Mumin, our guest will be taking us through a ride of his northern experiences, lifestyle and perception.

Abdul-Gaffar: You're welcome Mr. Alhassan. So without wasting much time, we'll start straight away. Mr. Alhassan, Can you please tell us about yourself?

Mr. Alhassan: Hello good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm with much delight to be your guest in this your august house this evening.

First of all, I give unrivalled thanks to the almighty God for this opportunity, also my moderator, the group administrators and everyone.

My name is Bernard Bisuman M. Alhassan, I was born to my late Dad who was the Chief of my village (Kpatritinga), Mr. Alhassan Lambon and Mrs. Fati Alhassan and raised in the same Kpatritinga - Sakougu in the North East region of Ghana. 

Abdul-Gaffar: Wow... That's great. Can you please take us through your life journey, where you grew up, places you have visited and some exciting memories?

Mr. Alhassan: I grew up in a village called Kpatritinga-Sakogu in the North East region, Ghana as I stated earlier.

I started my elementary school in my village to the tertiary which I completed the University of Cape Coast im 2019 with a Diploma in Basic Education and is currently working with Hamamat African Beauty where we deals in the production of soaps and Shea Butter pomade for exports only. It's situated in the Savelugu - Tamale highway in the Northern region of Ghana, you can visit our website at www.hamamat.com 

Mr. Alhassan: My experience in the North holds it that, the North is an area where we are not naturally well resourced but have to battle with the chaotic environment and the linear income style of surviving. That notwithstanding, we still hold onto the little we have at hand and we're relatively hard working, generation upon generation. Northerners by nature from the beginning are hard working.

Abdul-Gaffar: Approximately how many years have you spent in the north?

Mr. Alhassan: As stated earlier, I grew up in the North almost spent my passed live in the North but only took a few moments to experience live outside it, which took me to places such as Greater Accra, Ashanti, Western, Eastern, Upper East, Northern and almost all the corners of my home region, North East region..

Abdul-Gaffar: Which popular or tourist sites in northern Ghana have you ever visited?

Mr. Alhassan: I barely visited the popular tourist centres in the North, but has always been the first point of contact and the lead when it comes to the tourist site in my village which I will be sending you a short video shortly. But before then, I have led many teams including the Anthropology department of the University of Legon, Ghana to this very interesting tourist site and they were the first team to excavate the site and made discoveries which has it that, the structures (barns and the rock art) existed over 4000BC (Before Christ was born) as at 2018. Other teams and individuals have visited the place and have express their elation and could not hold their excitements. The site is so amusing and newsworthy which we are pleading to all persons to come on board to help showcase the rich history to enamour the eye of the whole Ghana and to the World, like other places.

Abdul-Gaffar: What's your perception of northern culture, traditions and unique way of life?

Mr. Alhassan: My perception of the above is that, I hold it firm and that we should embrace it. The Northerners has a very rich culture.

For instance, sorry for me to narrow it to my culture which is the BIMOBA Culture of which our way of live is interesting. Gone were the days some of our Northern brothers were practicing some believes that were against the laws of the land. The good news holds it that my tribe (Bimobas) didn't practice such believes. Also the unique way of which we marry was that, we were practicing exchange of sisters and daughters and later exchange of cattle. Again the way we perform our funerals and our cultural dance calls for amusing moments. Because of time, I will pause here and send you a short video of my cultural dance. It’s very amusing to listen to the history of my cultural dance and to witness the practical aspect of it, which I'm sorry to reserve it for now, but will send you a short video for you to stretch your waist.

Abdul-Gaffar: Can you please tell us briefly about festivals of the Bimoba ethnic tribe? Can you briefly walk us through how it is celebrated in your community? Very briefly

Mr. Alhassan: To walk you through on how we cerebrate it in our ethnic group, it’s a yearly occasion which is set aside. During the commemoration, we kill animals and fowls to rekindle the presence of the gods and ancestors, where fire will be burnt all over the village alongside firing of masctery and powder guns.

Abdul-Gaffar: What is your fondest memory of the north?

Mr. Alhassan: The things I love about the North as a “majestic northerner” is that, we share most of our believes as well as embrace unity, respect, accommodating except some little times. Also, Northerners exercise the love for brotherhood and we have low prices for basic needs.

One more thing about the North is that it’s possible you as a man can embrace polygyny and go ahead and marry two, of which I would do.

Abdul-Gaffar: Can you please tell us something peculiar to your lifestyle that was as a result of the northern experience?

Mr. Alhassan: Should there be anything peculiar about my lifestyle as a “majestic northerner” and my experience in the North, then it’s to endeavour for peace, be accommodating, helpful and build a cordial relationship with others for we all are humans so far as you and I share a common substance called blood.

Abdul-Gaffar: Before we bring the conversation to a close, in a brief statement is there something you want to tell us concerning your lifestyle that is related to the north? Something you will be glad to share with members?

Mr. Alhassan: In short I will entreat everyone in this platform to be accommodating wherever you find yourselves so as to give way for peace to reign as we know that tranquillity is the bedrock of every development and success.

Let's us not forget that every secret of success is hard work. I'm grateful to God, you as a moderator and everyone in the house for hosting me.

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